Certain Types of Montreal Real Estate Are Trending Upwards, Increasing the Need for Reliable Moving Supplies

It’s always fascinating to look at the different movements in housing trends, especially in the Montreal marketplace.  This year, several types of housing are doing well in very specific parts of the city.  As in other Canadian communities, this type of activity is increasing the need for reliable moving supplies, such as plastic moving boxes, bins and peripheral items.

Which Montreal Housing Locales Are Strongest Today

Currently there are three major areas that have been trending (and are expected to continue this trend) toward a strong real estate performance in the Montreal area:

  • West Island two-storey homes.
  • Central Montreal bungalows.
  • Eastern Montreal condominiums.

This means that anyone buying these properties, or selling these properties, can expect quick movement as long as the real estate is in a decent neighbourhood/community, priced correctly for the size and in acceptable/good condition.  It also necessitates the need for rentable moving supplies from companies like Blue Bins.  These types of moving boxes and similar products allow individuals and families to relocate quickly to and from their desired residences in the Montreal regions.

Hints to Make Any Montreal Property More Appealing

Of course, regardless of where a property sits in Montreal, there are some ways that sellers can make it more suitable to those seeking new homes:

  • This involves creating a “lived-in”, yet uncluttered look using the help of a professional designer.  A staged house is more likely to stir the imaginations of home seekers.
  • Making even small repairs is a terrific investment in a home.  There is no need to completely remodel a bungalow or condo, but it’s always a good idea to at least make sure all the fixtures work and look nice.
  • There’s nothing that turns off homebuyers more than a smelly place or one that looks dirty.  The amount of time and energy (and potentially money) spent on cleaning will pay off in faster sell times and higher bids.

As the calendar moves forward, only time will tell as to which Montreal markets will begin to soar.  However, there’s little doubt that no matter what, plastic rented moving supplies are going to be needed.

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