Choose Plastic Moving Boxes to Avoid Mite Infestation Woes

There is obviously a large movement toward going greener, which is one of the reasons that plastic moving boxes are so popular among people in Toronto, Montreal and Mississauga.  Yet there is another  motive for people who want to make the move to recyclable containers which aren’t made from any kind of pulp or paper product:  Mites.

A specific type of mite tends to lay its eggs and live in boxes made from cardboard.  This is typically called the cardboard or paper mite.  These mites are very small, but they can be seen with the naked eye.  They tend to reproduce quickly, so it doesn’t take long for an infestation to develop.

This can create a huge issue for homeowners who are moving to a new residence.  Mites may in fact already be living within cardboard boxes that have been purchased or borrowed; most people are never going to look for signs of them before accepting boxes.  Once the mites are given entry into a family’s home, they can cause some health concerns.

There are some people who are allergic to the mites.  Their allergies can run the gamut from respiratory in nature, to topical, or a combination of both.  Ironically, they might not even realize why they are experiencing strange symptoms like skin irritation or constant colds.

To prevent any cardboard or paper mites from having the opportunity to make a home their own, plastic moving boxes can be used.  Not only are they inherently stronger than their cardboard counterparts, but they do not attract any kind of mites.  Plus, they can be wiped clean using disinfectant sprays or cloths to ensure sanitation.

While mite infestation isn’t the first thought on a person’s mind when he or she is moving to a new place, it probably should be.  Besides, with a simple solution like choosing durable plastic over flimsy paper, it just makes sense.

Want to make sure your next move is as healthy as possible?  Contact Blue Bins and rent plastic moving boxes for all your storage and transport needs.

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