Why You Should Choose Plastic Moving Containers For Your Next Toronto Move

A question we often get at Blue Bins is why plastic moving containers for your next Toronto move instead of traditional cardboard boxes. Here are just some reasons why we swear by our ecofriendly moving containers!

  1. Plastic moving containers are sturdy

In fact, you might be shocked to know just how much they can handle. They don’t suddenly pop out at the bottom or the sides, either. This makes them more dependable than cardboard counterparts, which have a habit of coming open at the worst possible moments!

  1. Plastic isn’t an insect’s dream

Unfortunately, common insects like bed bugs and dust mites love munching on cardboard. They’ll eagerly hop a ride on your cardboard moving box from your old place to your new place… and you’ll never even realize it. On the other hand, if you pack everything in sanitized plastic moving containers, you’ll be far less likely to encourage any unwanted “traveling companions” to join you.

  1. You don’t have to throw them away

Have you ever spent hours breaking down boxes? It’s dusty, dirty, and thankless work. It’s also completely unnecessary in an era of Blue Bins plastic moving boxes. It takes very little to break down a Blue Bins box, and they stack neatly in the corner. What could be easier and less time-consuming? You get to spend more time enjoying your new residence or office space, not trying to figure out how to dispose of your packing materials.

  1. They are impervious to wetness

You can plan a lot of things, but you can’t plan on having Mother Nature’s cooperation on your move day. When you carry your items in a plastic Blue Bins box, you’re not going to feel the worry that the box could get so soggy it falls apart in transit.

  1. Plastic moving bins require no special tape or adhesion products

Even if you could get your cardboard moving boxes for free, you’d still have to find a way to close them properly. That usually requires quite a bit of packing tape and other adhesives. Not only is that wasteful from an environmental standpoint, but it costs a lot of money. (Believe us… you’ll go through plenty of rolls of tape, and it will all be thrown away at the end of the day.) Instead of tossing your hard-earned cash into the trash, choose plastic moving bins that are easy to secure and won’t necessitate box cutters to open.

You may feel a little like a plastic moving container evangelist in Toronto when you start to share the word about Blue Bins, but don’t worry. As soon as your friends, family, and colleagues realize what a relief it is to have dependable, affordable boxes for moving, they’ll understand why you’re so passionate about the product and its results.

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