Creating a Shared Home in Toronto: Tips and Supplies for Moving In Together

Whether you’ve always lived with roommates in Toronto, or have had a place of your own for a while, moving in with a significant other can be harder than it might sound. Follow these tips and tricks to make this move easy for everyone, and make sure you get settled into your new Toronto home on the right foot.

Set Your Ground Rules Early

Moving can be stressful, even if you are doing it on your own. Work with your partner to make sure that you have some commonly agreed upon rules for the moving process. This is a great time to have a discussion about each other’s style, habits, and non-negotiables. Make a plan to use “I” statements or figure out your best strategy to compromise on some things.

Make a Plan… and a Budget

Moving can be expensive, so before you get started, make a budget (you can see some tips to keep your move on budget here). This is a great time to decide what moving supplies you’ll need to buy or rent in Toronto. We can help with rentals of plastic moving bins, as well as other moving supplies like dollies and LCD screen protectors, saving you money and time. You’ll also want to make a plan in terms of a timeline for moving out of your current places and into your new place. Make sure you include enough time to help each other out with the packing, moving, and cleaning!

Deal with Duplicates

If you’re moving in with someone, you probably have something in common. Maybe you like the same books or movies, or you both have the same small appliances for your kitchen. You’ll also probably end up with a duplicate piece of furniture or two. Make time to sort out which things you just need one of, and which are okay to have a duplicate of. Keeping 2 bed-frames can be handy if you have a guest bedroom, but you probably don’t need 2 blenders.

Create Personal Spaces

Just because you are going to be sharing space, doesn’t mean you need to share all of it, all the time. Look for ways to make some personal spaces in your new place, like a home office or a reading nook. You might not be able to have spaces that are exclusive to each of you, but you can create little areas that reflect your individuality, and give you somewhere to retreat to when you need some time on your own.

Have a Housewarming!

Once you’re moved in to your Toronto home, invite people over to celebrate your new shared home! Make sure to invite mutual friends and some of your friends that your significant other hasn’t met yet. It’s a good time to handle introductions, and also to establish this house as a place that you share.

Moving in with your significant other doesn’t have to be too stressful. Make sure you have a plan and all of the Toronto moving supplies that you need. We can help with rental moving boxes and other moving supplies, so let us know once you’re ready to rent your moving bins by calling 1-888-502-2467 or getting a quote online here.