The Most Creative and Community-Minded Uses for Blue Bin Boxes for Moving in Toronto

Question: When are seemingly simple plastic boxes for moving not so simple?

Answer: When they are used in incredibly creative ways by innovative Toronto residents!

Obviously, we at Blue Bins see our boxes for moving as amazing inventions that everyone should try. However, we’re often blown away by the many community-minded uses that people in the Toronto area and surrounding regions have for these incredible plastic boxes. Two of the more heart-warming include the following:

Providing Drop Boxes for Donations
A while back, we began to work with some nonprofit organizations on their fundraising efforts. One of those fundraisers was a donation drop-off. Essentially, individuals and families donated whatever they could. Our Blue Bins were used to help collect and sort the variety of items. In the end, the nonprofit was able to help those in need. It was a great non-moving use for our boxes that absolutely made a difference!

Helping with the ALS Challenge
If you haven’t heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you’ve probably been hibernating in some remote part of the world! The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge swept the world as people basically dared one another to dump ice on their heads to raise monies for and awareness of ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.) Let’s just say that our blue boxes had their turn as receptacles of slushy ice water! Here’s the most critical thing to remember – our boxes aren’t tiny! This means that dumping freezing cold H2O from them is really going to be a shock to the system! Still, at least one brave person took the challenge to heart and used a blue bin.

Of course, the most everyday use for Blue Bins moving boxes and products is obvious. That’s why they are used by residential and commercial customers on a regular basis. But don’t forget that they can be utilized in other ways, too. In fact, you may just end up being the next person to use a Blue Bins box to inspire others!
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