Don’t Just Bring Your Packing Boxes, Bring Some Good Luck to Your New Toronto Home

Sometimes we all have unlucky days, days where nothing seems to go right. When you’re setting up your new Torontohome, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to bring a little bit of luck in along with your packing boxes. Whether you want something that has a little scientific backing, or something that’s just got a lot of history, we’ve got some ideas to make your move a little luckier.

Lucky Objects or Symbols

You’re probably familiar with the Irish tradition of hanging a horseshoe over the door for good luck, but there are lots of lucky objects from around the world that you can bring into your home to add a little luck. Barn stars, elephants, and of course four leaf clovers are also used as lucky symbols, and you can add them to your house in big or little ways. There might just be a reason that these symbols have lasted all this time.

Arrange Your Furniture to Spread Positive Energy

You might have heard about Feng Shui, which is traditionally used to improve the flow of energy through and around spaces and buildings. Whether or not you think that this works, there is something to be said about being intentional about the way you lay out your furniture. Check out a library book on traditional Feng Shui to learn some ways to improve the positive energy in your home, or at the very least consider making sure that none of your furniture is in your way to avoid a few stubbed toes.

Bring Some Natural Luck

Many traditional signs of good luck come from nature, and scientific studies have shown a lot of positive results from bringing a little of the outdoors inside. While the Viking tradition of putting an acorn on your windowsill has no scientific backing, having plants in your home can improve the air quality in your home which sounds lucky to us! You can also add a bowl of fruit to encourage you to keep eating healthy, and apparently to attract wealth as well!

Get Your Packing Boxes in Toronto Today

Once you’ve found a new place in Toronto to call home, maybe take a moment to think of what will make it feel like home, and maybe a little bit lucky. And lucky for you, you can get a quote for your Toronto packing boxesonline here or by calling us at 1-888-502-2467! Good luck with that move!