Earth Day Is Coming Up – Save the Planet and Use Plastic Moving Bins!

In March of 1970, the first Earth Day celebration was held.  Fast forward 44 years later, and we’re still saying “Yes!” to greener options.  As a global community, we’re trying to conserve more, consume less and be environmentally conscious whenever possible.  From using plastic moving bins to choosing not to buy (and throw away) tons of bottles of water, our society throughout Canada is doing its best to really stay on the cutting edge of eco-friendliness.

You and your family can help celebrate Earth Day this year (it’s on April 22, so mark your calendars) by committing to make some chances toward being kinder to our natural resources.  Some of the ways many individuals and groups are “going green” include the following:

  • Turn off the lights in your house when you aren’t using them.  Your mom was right!  Taking the time to hit the switch really will make a difference.
  • Using public transportation, carpool, walk or bike whenever possible.  It just doesn’t make sense to use your car to go down the street three blocks to grab a snack or some milk!
  • Try to eat natural foods with few preservatives.  The closer your food is to being authentic and natural, the less processing took place while making it.  That means far fewer fuels were utilized along the “food chain” path.
  • Reuse whatever you can.  If you are in the market for a new table, check out yard sales or look online.  It’s always best to purchase used items.
  • Recycle when appropriate.  When you have to throw away packaging, make sure you check out the label.  Often, we toss things that could be placed in the recycling bin.
  • Find eco-friendly alternatives to modern “conveniences”.  For instance, when you’re making a move to a new place, rent plastic moving bins from a carrier like Toronto’s Blue Bins rather than getting cardboard boxes that you’ll just be throwing away.
  • Stop before you throw away any electronics.  All electronic devices should be recycled.  They don’t belong in a regular trash can.  (Sometimes, you can actually get money for your older electronics, because they contain precious metals that are much-needed!)
  • Make your cleaning supplies.  It’s not tough to make all-natural, organic cleaning supplies that work wonders.  Best of all, they won’t smell terrible, nor will they create noxious fumes.
  • Start a garden.  Even if you only have a little window shelf or an apartment patio, you can have a garden.  Every time you grow food and consume it, you’re getting closer to the earth.

There really are infinite ways to embrace a green philosophy and support Earth Day… every day.

To learn more about environmentally-friendly moving options like plastic moving bins, please contact the experts at Blue Bins today!

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