Find the Right Montreal Neighborhood So You Can Snag a Property and Get Those Boxes for Moving Ready!

Montreal is a gorgeous city, and if you’re planning a move to or within Montreal, you’re in for many cultural treats!  If you haven’t signed the dotted line and purchased a property yet, as well as rented boxes for moving, you’re probably in the process of determining which neighborhood will be suitable for you and/or your family.  Below are some of the top considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best area to live.

Think About the Lifestyle You Want

Neighborhoods are reflective of the lifestyles of their inhabitants.  Montreal is no exception.  Are you interested in city life, where you can literally walk down the street and be part of an enormous collective of people?  Or does a more laid-back, suburban ambiance suit your needs?  Your lifestyle – or intended lifestyle – should drive where you ultimately decide to live.

Figure Out Which Amenities Are Important

Is it important for you to have a large home where you can grow your family?  Are you more fascinated by the idea of “small living”?  Do you intend to downsize?  Some areas in Montreal are going to be more apt to have each of the home amenities you absolutely cannot live without.  Other areas may have some of those amenities, but not all.  Ask yourself what you’re willing to negotiate and what you’re not.

Look at Your Budget, As Well As Projected Property Values

Obviously, your budget will help you determine which neighborhoods are realistically within your finances.  Don’t overlook fixer-uppers, though!  If you’re handy, and the price is low, but the comparable home prices are high, you could end up with a property that increases quite a bit in value with some TLC.  Always do a thorough search of the other homes in the area; this will assist in guiding you toward the right house, townhouse or apartment on which to bid.

Of course, you also have to love where you end up living!  Even if a home seems to be perfect, if you can’t imagine living there, it’s probably time to move on and look elsewhere.  Try not to get dismayed; you’ll soon find the place that’s ideally suited for you, and you’ll be able to make that call to Blue Bins to get your moving boxes and other supplies for the big day!

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