Finding the Healthiest Moving Supplies in Mississauga

Everyone talks about how dirty it is to move a house or an office.  While there is always going to be some element of dirt that comes from the experience, there are definitely ways to make moving a lot safer for everyone.  First and foremost is finding and using the healthiest moving supplies available in Mississauga and the rest of the country.

For most people, moving means gathering together as many cardboard boxes as they can.  They go to stores to get them, they beg friends for them… they even dive into dumpsters to recover them!  Though it may sound pretty obvious, it’s worth noting that cardboard is just not healthy!

Some of the main problems with cardboard include the following:

  • Cardboard naturally creates dust.  If you have enough cardboard boxes being dragged around your home or workplace, you’re going to add to the cleaning nightmare.  Plus, all that dust can get slippery on smooth surfaces, which can lead to unintended slips and falls.
  • Cardboard attracts bugs and mites.  Yes, there are little critters that love to munch on cardboard.  Sadly, we can’t see most of them, although we can feel their effects later.  Bed bugs are notorious for hopping a ride from one house to another; remember that the next time you’re tempted to take a pre-used cardboard box from a trash receptacle!
  • Cardboard allergies can be severe.  Some individuals and animals are allergic to the dust from cardboard.  Their allergies may be topical, causing rashes or itchy areas, or respiratory, as in the case of cardboard dust induced asthma.
  • Cardboard absorbs liquids.  Let’s say that you got a cardboard box at a retail store for free.  That’s a good deal, right?  Not necessarily!  What you didn’t know was that the cardboard box was stored for a while in their back room.  On the floor of that back room was all sorts of grease and gunk that had leaked from other boxes.  Guess where those oils will be?  All over your items.  Yuck!

Hearing these facts may make you feel like you never want to move again, but there’s no reason to stay put!  Instead of turning to cardboard, try plastic boxes and other moving supplies.  Plastic carries with it none of the inherent problems of cardboard, and it’s much sturdier overall.  Plus, you’ll know that you aren’t bringing home uninvited “guests” like insects and allergens.

Stay healthy and be smart every time you move.  You’ll be glad you spent time upfront making the experience a little easier, and a lot better for you!

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