Five Places NOT to Get Your Boxes and Moving Supplies in Montreal

When you’re planning for a move to or within Montreal, you’re going to need moving boxes and supplies.  Most people are so stressed out by the process that they’re just willing to get those items in a number of questionable places.  Here are the top five places that should NOT be on your list for boxes and moving supplies.

  1. Your attic or basement. Unless you can be assured that the boxes in your attic or basement are going to hold up during your next move, you’ll want to find another source of moving boxes.  Oh, and don’t forget that if those boxes have sat for years unpacked, you might want to throw away the contents.  If you haven’t needed them for a decade or longer, are they really necessary?  Perhaps they can be reused or recycled for someone else’s enjoyment?
  2. Your neighbours’ trash. Yes, many people like to pull moving boxes and other moving containers out of the trash.  They consider it a safe method of “dumpster diving”.  While we certainly applaud recycling, we have to recommend that you don’t just use any moving boxes you find on the curbs of your community.  How do you know that they didn’t hold something toxic?  Are you sure that they’re free from chemicals that could make you sick or irritate your skin or lungs?
  3. Your local grocer. The grocer may tell you that he or she has tons of boxes in the back room that are perfect your move, but beware: Those boxes could be harbouring all sorts of unwanted visitors.  We’re talking about spiders, mites and even bed bugs.  You don’t want to bring all those critters to your new Montreal house, nor do you want to have to call an exterminator the week after you move in.  Groceries are often delivered to the store in boxes that are infested with nasty creatures that jumped in during transit.  Don’t give them an open invitation to take root in your residence.
  4. It’s very tempting to purchase tons of moving boxes and supplies before your big day, but have you given thought to what you’ll do with the boxes and supplies after you’ve unpacked?  Many homeowners struggle to figure out what to do with all those moving boxes they purchased.  When they attempt to re-sell them on the Internet, they’re disappointed at how long it takes, and how much effort they have to expend to get a small amount of their investment back.  Wouldn’t you rather rent moving boxes that you can quickly have out of your home when the move is finished?
  5. The places you shop. Can you walk into your favourite store and ask them to give you any unused boxes that they might have in the back?    They’re probably happy to get them off their hands.  But the problem is that these are more often than not the wrong type of moving boxes for a residential or commercial move.  Remember that the boxes used to transport goods at the places you shop are often oversized.  This helps the store get more merchandise at once.  However, those boxes are moved using heavy equipment that you won’t have at your disposal in Montreal for your relocation.  Additionally, the bigger the boxes are, the more apt they are to fall apart or be difficult (or even unsafe) to move or stack.

So what’s the answer to the issue of finding the right moving boxes and moving supplies?  Rent from Blue Bins, of course.  You’ll never have to waste any time, money or effort.  A bonus is that you’ll also be helping the environment by utilizing a product that will be reused again and again.  Now that’s a smart move!