For An Even More Efficient Vancouver Office Move, Don’t Pack These Items Into Your Rental Moving Boxes

Organizing everything that you need for an office move and making sure that you don’t leave anything behind can be stressful. While you don’t want to leave anything important behind, it’s also not a great feeling to unpack rental moving boxes of stuff at your new office, only to realize that you brought a bunch of items that you don’t need anymore. Ending up with piles of garbage and recycling at your new office isn’t a great way to get things started. That’s why the Vancouver moving box rental experts from Blue Bins have collected some information for you here to help you start fresh in your new office.

Business Cards and Letterhead

Any print materials that have your existing office address on them will need to be replaced. Look for things like business cards, pre-labelled envelopes, or printed letterhead and make sure they are appropriately recycled. If your office uses any other materials that include your physical address, like notepads or promotional materials, don’t move those with you. Order the new materials and have them shipped directly to your new office.

Outdated Technology

If you have any technology that isn’t being used, is broken, or is out of date, don’t pack that into your rental moving boxes. Make sure that any electronic materials are disposed of properly. If the technology is just not being used but is still in good working condition, you may be able to donate it to a local non-profit or school.

The Office Kitchen Junk Drawer

Paper plates from a birthday party 6 months ago, plastic containers without lids, or cracked glasses don’t need to move with you to your new space. Having shared dishes, cutlery, or simple party supplies can be really helpful, but anything that is damaged, or unlikely to be used doesn’t need to get packed into your rental moving boxes. Leave that behind, and restock your new kitchen.

Digitized or Redundant Records

Some records you may need to retain hard copies of, but if you have old copies of proposals, printed copies of old reports, or old meeting agendas that have been gathering dust in a filing cabinet somewhere, now is the time to get rid of them. Make sure that you shred any sensitive documents, or hire a company to take care of that for you. If there are records that would be helpful to keep, make sure you have a digital copy. This is also a good time to back-up all employee computers with a cloud-based service or on external hard drives.

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Moving is a good time to ensure that your office is as streamlined and efficient as possible. Don’t bring things with you to your new office that will just end up being recycled or thrown away. Instead, take some time to get rid of old documents, technology, or anything that isn’t helping your team do their best work. We can help you eliminate one other unnecessary item: cardboard moving boxes! Our rental moving boxes ensure that your Vancouver office doesn’t leave you with anything that you don’t need. Contact Blue Bins Vancouver today to find out how we can help you take only what you need to your new office!