From Moving Boxes to Movies – Making Toronto Relocations Easier for Kids

Moving is a time of excitement and newness, but it can also be stressful, especially for kids.  While some children go with the flow, others are very hard-pressed to embrace change.  All the moving boxes, de-cluttering and traveling can get incredibly overwhelming for someone who is young.  What they need is to feel more in control of the situation, and moms, dads and other family members can help.

Below are some great tips for easing a child into the moving process:

  • Watch the movie Inside Out. This Disney-Pixar film was released in mid-2015 and it centers around a young girl’s emotions when her family makes a big move.  Not only is it entertaining, but it provides some exceptional insight into how it feels for the younger set when they have to relocate.  Your kids will be entertained, and you can talk with them afterwards about their own emotions regarding their new home.
  • Get the children involved in the process. This doesn’t mean they should go to meetings with realtors or inspections professionals, of course.  What we’re suggesting is that they have a part in the packing of their own items.  For instance, an older child can help pack moving boxes with toys, books and clothing.  Just make sure you or another adult does all the moving.  Safety is first!
  • Keep the lines of communication open. Parents have a lot on their plates when they’re moving.  However, they should still make time to communicate with their kids.  For instance, you can outline what will happen on moving day.  That way, your children will know exactly what to expect.  This can make all the difference for them.

Above all else, remember that kids will always surprise us!  Some will be more “into” the whole moving process than others.  In fact, certain personalities will want to take over the packing of your moving boxes for every room in the house!  Still, it’s important to always keep in mind that younger individuals – even those that seem to be easygoing about the relocation to Toronto – could be silently struggling with such a big event in their lives.  Be there for them as they begin to explore their new home and neighborhood.

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