Get Eco-Friendlier Cleaning and Moving Supplies for Your Montreal Home

Moving to Montreal?  It’s a great time to make some positive changes, such as focusing on how you can be a little eco-friendlier.  This doesn’t mean you have to radically alter the way you currently live.  It just means that you should be open to making environmentally conscientious choices, such as with the type of cleaning and moving supplies you use during your relocation.

Ways to Clean in a More Natural Way

Everyone knows that moving is a messy experience.  Not only do you have to clean up the place you’re leaving, but you need to brighten and cleanse the place to which you’re going to be living.  Certainly, there are plenty of cleaners at the store, but many of them contain ingredients that are thought or known to be harmful to humans, plants, animals and the environment in general.

The good news is that you don’t have to give up sanitizing your old or new home; you just have to pick the right types of earth-friendly cleaning products.  A mixture of equal parts warm water and vinegar is an old-time favourite for getting glass, bathrooms, mirrors, vinyl flooring, laminate and other related surfaces sparkling.  Not a fan of the smell of vinegar?  Some people like to mix plain old dry soap (just soap, nothing fancy) with warm or hot water.  

Other choices include mixtures that involve all-natural items such as lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, essential oil (for a lovely, nature-inspired scent), ammonia, baking soda and even salt!  Look online at reputable websites, and you’ll discover tons of recipes for cleaners that honestly work without noxious, hazardous fumes or waste.

Eco-Happier Moving Supplies

Traditionally, people have been moving into and out of Montreal using an environmental UN-friendly product: the cardboard box.  Yes, cardboard can be recycled, but far too many consumers just throw it out.  You can see it all over in trash bins, and it’s just going to end up cluttering up the landfill.

For a smarter, earth-healthy alternative that is sturdier, more reliable and affordable, why not rent plastic moving supplies?  That way, you’ll be able to use them for your move, but you won’t have to discard them afterward.  With Blue Bins, you can even arrange for us to drop them off to you, and pick them up at your Montreal home after you’re finished with them.  Easy, clean and environmentally conscientious.  What could be better?

Beyond moving boxes, think of other ways that you can avoid reliance on products that aren’t good for the earth, such as masking tape, throwaway tarps, etc.  The less you have to toss in the trash after your move, the lower your overall carbon footprint will be.