Get Ready to Unpack Those Plastic Moving Bins, Toronto!

If you’re planning to buy or sell a detached house, condo, semi-detached home, duplex/triplex or other form of property in Toronto, you’re definitely in luck!  According to reports out in August and September, Toronto has surpassed Vancouver as the hottest real estate market in the country.  In August 2016, more real estate deals happened in Toronto than at any other time this year.  So what do you need to do before calling Blue Bins to rent your plastic bins for a Toronto move?

Get Your Home or Commercial Property Ready to Sell

It’s really important that whatever type of property you plan to sell is in the best shape possible.  Even if you only have time to get new flooring and slap a coat of neutral-coloured paint on the walls, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour.  Most buyers are looking to invest in properties that are completely or nearly ready to move in.  Yes, there are some who just want to “flip” a property, but they might not be willing to pay top dollar.  The better you can make your house or workplace look, the higher the likelihood of a bid sooner rather than later.

Find a Realtor You Absolutely Trust

The relationship between a seller and realtor is based solely on trust and reliability.  If you don’t currently have a realtor you feel comfortable using, spread your wings and ask around.  Do some investigating.  Toronto realtors with web presences usually have a plethora of ratings online.  One note of caution: Read the reviews.  Sometimes, one disgruntled reviewer can skew the overall results for a decent realtor.  You can also contact family, coworkers and friends.  See which realtors they recommend.  Then, pick up the phone and interview your top three.  Make them tell you why you should use them.  You’re paying for this service, so it’s important that you feel 100% confident in your real estate professional.

Start Looking for Your Next Home or Office

After putting your property on the Toronto market, it’s time to start looking for a new place to call home or work.  Your realtor should be able to help you pinpoint locations in areas you want to be.  Try to walk into every property with an open mind.

Get Ready to Pack and Move!

As soon as you start to see a new deal coming together, you’ll want to contact a moving company, as well as Blue Bins for plastic bins.  Don’t sit around and wait to make these phone calls.  Even though the autumn and early winter aren’t the busiest times for relocations, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your preferred calendar date if you hesitate too long.  Have a few dates in mind when you call your movers.  That way, they’ll be able to work around your schedule and you won’t feel too inconvenienced if they can’t offer your first choice.

Take Advantage of This Prime Toronto Real Estate!

What are you waiting for?  If you’re sold on the idea of moving residentially or commercially within Toronto, now might be the best time in a long time.