Get Your Antiques and Heirlooms Safely to Your New Toronto Home with Moving Box Rentals

Some things can’t be replaced. Whether you’ve collected antiques over many trips to flea markets and garage sales, or you have things that have been passed down through your family, you want to make sure that everything arrives safely. This can be extra hard when dealing with items that are fragile or susceptible to damage. But here are some tips to make it easier.

Check and Inspect

Before you pack anything up in your Toronto moving box rentals, look over your antiques carefully and take photographs of them. If you notice any damage or weak spots, consider having them repaired before you pack them up. Once you have pictures and have inspected the pieces, you may want to consider having these pieces appraised or insured if you haven’t done so before.


Putting your antiques in a rental moving box is a great way to keep them safe. Our plastic bins keep out dirt, water, dust, or other debris, making them ideal for moving antiques. While the durable plastic sides of the boxes offer a lot of protection, you’ll still want to ensure that everything is additionally protected inside the box. Any loose pieces should be wrapped and packed separately so that they don’t get damaged in transit. You can use bubble wrap around each item, and then pack wadded newspaper between the items to make sure that your antiques aren’t moving around in the box as it is being moved.


Make sure you label your moving boxes as fragile, and indicate that they should be loaded into the truck last and unloaded first. This way, when you get to your new Toronto home, you can make sure that the boxes with antiques are handled carefully and gently.

Unpack and Assess

Unpack your boxes and make sure that nothing is damaged or missing. Be careful as you take things out of the boxes, in case anything has shifted or if there are any small items that you might miss among the packing materials. Make sure to take all packing materials out of your rental moving boxes to return them and make sure that nothing small is overlooked.

Move your antiques carefully and use these tips to make sure that any family heirlooms last for many years to come. Our Toronto moving box rental services are a great way to ensure that these priceless items arrive safely to their new Toronto home! We’re happy to help you to get all of the moving supplies that you need. Order your moving boxes online or call us today!