Get Your Moving Containers Ready, Montreal – The Real Estate Market Is Trending Upwards!

There’s little that excites home buyers, home sellers and real estate professionals more than learning that the market is ripe for lots of moving. That’s exactly what’s happening in beautiful Montreal and surrounding areas, where the trends are indicating that you should probably arrange for your Blue Bins moving containers soon, because it’s looking to be a busy few months.

According to real estate data available from the beginning of the year, there are quite a few exciting developments that are leading to the conclusion that Montreal is nothing short of a buyers’ and sellers’ paradise. We’ll share a few of these trends below:

  1. The number of residential homes sold in Montreal is the highest it has been for several years. This speaks to the movement that’s occurring within Montreal, as well as economic forces at play. When jobs are plentiful, people tend to move.
  2. The average price of a home or a condo unit is holding steady. While there hasn’t been much uptick in four years, there hasn’t been a downturn in real estate value, either. This means if you purchased a house or condominium five years ago, you’ll at least be able to recoup your investment.
  3. There are more overall properties available for sale in Montreal, including residential homes as well as condos. While sellers might find this a little bit of a nail-biting reality, it’s terrific for those of you who are looking to snag deals! The more options you have, the higher your chances to negotiate the best price for the home of your dreams.
  4. The average day that a home sits on the market is going down. The faster you can turn your home around, the faster you can get into your new residence. Plus, when a home sells quickly, you reduce the likelihood that you’ll have to come down in price significantly.

As we’ve often discussed here at Blue Bins, moving your home is a huge job. Even though it’s definitely worth the time, you don’t need to add any stressors to the experience. Rather than spending time looking for moving containers and hoping you have enough to meet your needs, call our customer service line. We’ll be happy to help you figure out how many Blue Bins will perfectly accommodate your belongings, and take one of those “to do” items off your list!

We love to help people move to and from Montreal and the rest of Ontario! Learn about Blue Bins moving supplies, including containers and dollies, at our website.