Get Your Moving Supplies, Mississauga! Moving Day Is Here!

Moving day is here for many households across Ontario, as we all know. From Mississauga to Ottawa, people are packing up and shifting from home to home and apartment to apartment, taking advantage of the good summer weather. It’s an exciting time for both real estate buyers and sellers; after all, they each reap plenty of social and financial rewards. To make every moving day even easier, we recommend always stocking up on moving supplies well in advance of the big day!

Moving Supplies You Absolutely Need before a Move:

  • Moving boxes. We’re not talking about just any old moving boxes, of course. Rent plastic boxes for moving from Blue Bins, and you won’t have to wonder what to do with leftover boxes when you unpack!
  • Cleaning items. From brooms to sanitizer, cleaning items are a must. Not only should you clean the space you’re leaving, but you’ll probably want to give the space you’re moving to a thorough scouring! If you’re looking for earth-friendlier cleaning solutions, you can make some yourself. Check out the Internet for some great home cleaning “recipes”!
  • These are items you can rent, just as you can rent moving boxes and similar supplies. Why break your back when a dolly can make life – and a move – so much easier?
  • Moves can sometimes go into the night, quite unexpectedly. Make sure you have plenty of light and invest in a few flashlights. Fireflies are pretty summertime visitors, but they can’t give you enough lumens to be certain you missed nothing in the back of the moving van!
  • Floor and furniture protectors. When you’re moving in and out, you’re going to track dirt. You’re also going to bump into things, such as doors, walls and furniture. By using furniture protectors and floor protectors, you can keep your space and belongings from damage.
  • Wrapping materials for your breakables. No one wants to break any of their delicate pieces of glassware, china, glass or ceramic. Invest in some wrapping materials to buffer breakables. Alternately, you can try wrapping fragile things in dish towels, bath towels and soft pieces of clothing or bedding.
  • Tools for furniture assembly and disassembly. Did you realize your dining room table comes apart? Have you ever noticed that the old desk that was a hand-me-down from your grandfather can be removed in sections? Keep the proper tools with you at all times, and you’ll be able to move objects like a pro.

As you look forward to your upcoming relocation in the GTA, we hope that you’ll choose Blue Bins to provide you with plastic moving supplies for a faster, easier, eco-friendlier move!