Good News for Ottawa Residents Ready to Rent Some Plastic Moving Boxes

People ready to relocate in and around Ottawa should be smiling because of the positive news coming straight from real estate gurus across Canada.  According to reports, Ottawa’s housing marketing is holding very steady, and prices are good for both sellers and buyers.  If you’re chomping at the bit to move to a new home, townhouse, condo or apartment, now is the time to start planning everything from the rental of your plastic moving boxes to the color of your dream living room!

Some of the highlights of the latest findings from realtors and investors looking into the Ottawa marketplace include the following:

  • Single family home prices are edging upwards this year (about 2 percent in the first quarter.)  Therefore, buyers should act now to snatch up steals, and sellers should get in touch with a realtor sooner rather than later.
  • Condo prices in Ottawa are a little better than they were last year for those looking to rent or own.
  • The Ottawa real estate board has reported that more than 1400 homes (e.g., single family, duplexes) were sold in Ottawa in one month this year.
  • Interest rates are remaining very low, which is important for home buyers who need financing options to purchase real estate.
  • Each month this year has a higher number of buyers of residential properties in Ottawa than the month before it.  This bodes very well for the rest of spring and the summer months from a buying and selling perspective.

Whether you’re someone who is going to purchase your first home, or you’re looking for a second (or third) investment property, it’s time to pick up the telephone and connect with a real estate professional.  Ottawa promises a fantastic lifestyle for residents, and opportunities for investors who want to take part in the booming real estate market.

When you’re ready to move in Ottawa, get in touch with Blue Bins as soon as possible to rent all the plastic moving boxes and supplies you’ll need for the big day!