Greening Your Corporate Moves with Plastic Moving Boxes

At this point in time, there are millions of Millennials across Canada.  From Mississauga to Montreal, they are entering the workforce in droves, and they’re widely scorned and heralded for their “take no prisoners” approach to corporate life.  In fact, this next generation of workers holds strong beliefs, including those related to the greening of business practices.  This is part of the reason that any company wishing to woo a Millennial needs to reconsider everything… right down to choosing the right moving boxes for organizational relocations and renovations.

Certainly, it’s not the case that a Millennial will leave a job if his or her employer chooses cardboard boxes over recycled plastic boxes for moving.  However, it may just cause a “turn-off” effect on the employee.  If green is important to him or her, cardboard boxes that are messy, unfriendly to the earth, dirty, unsturdy and just plain troublesome, may send the wrong message.  In other words, a business might as well put up a banner that reads: “Being stewards of the environment is just lip service; we say it, but don’t do it.”

Ironically, choosing plastic moving boxes makes a great deal of fiscal sense for any corporation.  Plastic moving boxes take less energy to fold into shape, require no additional fasteners (e.g., masking tape, duct tape, staples) to secure, and are even available for pick-up and drop-off from suppliers like Canada’s Blue Bins.  Additionally, moving boxes that have been created from recycled plastic (and which, in the case of Blue Bins, can be melted down through a proprietary process to make new moving boxes) are just better for the earth.  Fewer landfills equate to lowered costs for everyone in terms of where and how to storage refuse.

Again, it’s important to note that choosing plastic moving boxes over cardboard ones is just one step in the direction of making inroads with Millennials.  However, every big leap begins with a small forward movement.  Perhaps using plastic instead of cardboard could be that small forward movement that makes all the difference at the end of the quarter.

Blue Bins is passionate about offering eco-friendly storage and moving solutions for companies.  Check out their full-service website and discover the difference that plastic moving boxes can make!

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