Hints from Moving Box Specialists for First-Time Movers to Toronto

If you’re a first-time mover to the city of Toronto, know that you’re not alone.  Each year, tons of people choose to live in this capital of Ontario with great food, amazing entertainment and an awesome skyline!  Be prepared to explore every inch… but not before you spend a little time on the following hints for first-time movers from moving box specialists Blue Bins.

  1.  Make sure you don’t over-pack your plastic moving boxes.

Just because your plastic moving boxes can handle a lot of stuff doesn’t mean you have to cram all your belongings into each bin.  Make sure you give your items some “breathing space”, especially if the items are breakable.  Remember: You can always get more Blue Bins if you need additional moving boxes!

  1.  Moving always takes a little longer than you predict.

Build some time into your predictions for how long you think each aspect of your move is going to take.  First-time movers are notoriously optimistic.  While this is great, you don’t want to find yourself in a panic because you didn’t allow any “wiggle room” in your moving schedule for unexpected events.

  1.  Write down and plan every aspect of your move.

This is no time to leave everything to chance!  Write down everything you plan to do for your move.  Your checklists may drive your family and friends a little crazy, but you’ll be glad you took the time to keep your life organized because moving can sometimes seem chaotic.

  1. Work with a professional moving company.

Okay – we know it can be tough to consider paying a professional mover to haul your items, but it’s truly a time-saver.  Plus, the moving company will be insured so if anything does happen to your belongings, you can get your money back.  That won’t be the case if you’re just asking some buddies to help you take things to your new quarters in Toronto!

  1.  Get involved in your community.

After your move, give yourself the opportunity to get involved in the Toronto scene.  Whether you’re an artist or a sports nut, there’s never a dearth of events to enjoy in this big city.  Don’t wallow in your house or apartment; get out there and make the most of your new home town!

Are you a first-time mover to Toronto or any other city in Ontario?   Congratulations!  Blue Bins has special rates for first-time customers who want to rent plastic moving boxes.  Check out the Blue Bins site for more information.

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