How Many Boxes for Moving Do You Need for Your Toronto Relocation?

“How many boxes for moving do we actually need?”  It’s a common question among people relocating within and to the Toronto area.  If you’re not in the moving business, it can seem like a difficult one to figure out.  After all, we know that it’s tough to envision how everything will look once it’s packed and ready to transport.

Start by Decluttering the Space… at Least in Your Mind

A good way to start the process of determining how many moving boxes you need per room is to declutter the space, or at least visualize what you’re going to pack up in boxes.  For instance, consider your bedroom area.  You don’t need boxes for any of the furnishings, but what about the knick-knacks on your shelf?  Or the books that are lining the walls?  How about all those smaller picture frames?  Or the little items that are best-suited for moving boxes?

You may even want to write down what you think you’ll be packing.  This gives you a better indication of how many moving boxes you’ll probably need.  Remember that heavier items, like books, need to be spaced out and not all packed in the same container.  Otherwise, the container could be so heavy that it’s nearly impossible for someone to move it without hurting their backs.

Get an Estimate From Our Website

At the Blue Bins website, we offer a fast and free estimator that gives you an idea of how many boxes for moving you’ll need.  The estimate is based on the number of bedrooms that you have in your house or apartment.  However, you’ll want to keep some things in mind:

  • If your place is very Spartan and you have few belongings, you may be able to get away with fewer moving boxes.  
  • If your home is crammed with many items, and you’re planning on bringing them all, you’ll probably want to have more moving boxes than suggested.

Use your best judgment, and let it be your guide.  Don’t assume that you can jam-pack everything you own into a few boxes.  That leads to over packing, frustration and broken treasures.  Instead, be thoughtful and pragmatic about what you actually need.

If you want help from someone in the business, you can always call our Blue Bins number toll-free to talk to a representative.  We’ll be happy to explain solutions based on our expertise.  

What to Do If You Have Fewer Moving Boxes Than You Need

What happens if you realize a few days before your relocation that you have run out of moving boxes?  First, don’t panic.  If you’ve rented from Blue Bins, just call us immediately.  We may be able to get you more plastic moving boxes that same day.  Problem solved!

Of course, the other way to handle this event is to make your moving boxes and containers do “double duty”.  This means you have to transport them to your new Toronto home, unpack them, and then bring them back and pack them up again.  It’s not recommended that you take this measure unless you have no other choice.

Our goal is for your moving day to be as stress-free as possible.  Contact our team today and make sure you have the proper number of moving boxes for an efficient move!