How Smart Students Avoid the Hassles of Leftover Boxes and Moving Supplies When Going Back to Toronto Universities

The students are returning to Toronto universities and they all have one thing in common: They’re bringing lots of stuff with them! From clothing to books to electronic devices, they’re preparing for another semester of learning and enjoyment. So what’s the one thing they don’t want to deal with? How about what to do with all those leftover cardboard boxes and moving supplies? The good news is that many of them are making some wise choices to reduce their hassles and start off university in a great way:

  1. They are investing in plastic moving boxes and moving supplies. Rather than buying cardboard boxes or try to find enough cardboard box donations to do the job, they’re taking the easy route and renting plastic bins from sources like Blue Bins. When they’re done, all they have to do is ask for a pick up; there’s no need to spend time looking for a recycling container or trying to break down dusty boxes!
  2. They are going through their things before they enter their dorm or apartment. There’s a movement afoot whereby people have begun to downsize earlier in their lives. Surprisingly, university students are discovering that they have a lot of items they simply don’t need. Rather than lugging those items to university, they are donating them, giving them to friends or selling them.
  3. They are taking fewer large pieces of furniture with them. Many university dorms come with at least a closet, bed, desk, chair and dresser. Some students are making do with these furnishings, rather than cluttering an already-small space with more furniture. Not only does this allow them to have more living room, but it means less furniture to lug to and from a dorm room that’s on the third floor!
  4. They are eating at the cafeterias. Rather than dealing with hot plates and mini-microwaves, today’s smart students are being selective about the meals they make in their rooms. While there’s always a need for snack items to sustain those late-night cram sessions, the cafeteria is a better place to eat major meals. Plus, it can be an extremely frugal way to get healthy choices.

As the move goes on across Canada and students everywhere enter into university for the first time, or the last time, they are showing how environmentally conscientious they can be, as well as practical. Why make university life hard or complicated when it can be simple?

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