How to Logically Fit Plastic Boxes and Moving Supplies Into Your Montreal Moving Van

Are you planning a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to moving to your next Montreal home?  Make sure you know how to logically fit your plastic moving boxes, moving supplies, furnishings, rugs and other items into your Montreal moving van.  The trick is to think about it before your moving day, and take steps accordingly.

First, you’ll want to break down all furniture than can be taken apart.  You might not realize that your dining room table that you inherited from your grandparents comes apart, allowing you to reduce the amount of space you need to store or transport it.  Be certain to store any hardware with the furniture, so you’ll be able to quickly put the items back together.  Use your smart phone to take pictures before, during and after you take furnishings apart so you have a guideline for putting them back to their originally condition.

After you’ve reduced all your furnishings to their smallest amounts, you will want to start putting them in your moving van, along with the larger pieces of furniture.  Be cautious, though.  You should add buffers between furniture so the furniture doesn’t bang against other furniture.  Buffers can be blankets, cushioned tarps or even rolled-up carpeting and throw rugs.  Remember that desks and other furniture that have spaces underneath their tops are prime spaces.

Begin to fill in the back of your moving van, stacking your items to the top, if possible.  Always ensure that your lightest items are on the top, and the heaviest are on the bottom.  Use Montreal moving supplies and boxes like Blue Bins, which are strong and engineered to stack on top of each other, instead of cardboard boxes.  This will help you avoid mishaps, such as crushed lamps, plates, collectibles, etc.  Fill in the van from the back to the front, systematically putting items into gaps.  However, if it’s a struggle to make something fit, or your pile seems like it’s going to topple, start over.  Your furnishings and belongings shouldn’t fall out when you open the van door at your Montreal home!

When your moving van is filled, or your house is empty, it’s time to secure everything and close up the van.  If you haven’t been able to fill it completely, ensure that nothing is going to shift drastically during the ride to your next home.  You may need to move a few items during this process, which is better than opening the van door to an unwelcome surprise!

Even if this is your first time trying to move on your own, you definitely can do it.  Take a little time, and plan for success.