How to Make a Winter House Move Easier

The most popular time of year for people to move from one home to another is, not surprisingly, when the weather is warm.  Yet that doesn’t mean that people never move when the temperature is colder, or snow flurries fall gently to the ground.  In fact, there are plenty of individuals and families from Toronto to Mississauga who eagerly seek out boxes for moving between November and March.

Winter House

The trick, of course, is for anyone who is moving during the wintertime to take a few extra precautions.  That way, any move will result in the best possible outcome for everyone involved.  Some of the items that should always be considered include the following:

  • Winter weather is much different than spring, summer or autumn weather.  If snow, sleet or ice is predicted for the day of the move, the family should always be prepared to keep sidewalks, driveways and walkways free and clear.  Thus, shovels, snow melt and gravel may be necessary.
  • Falling snow and sleet can wreak havoc on traditional cardboard moving boxes.  Instead of risking the contents of those boxes spilling or becoming wet, it’s smart to choose plastic boxes for moving instead.  These types of recycled and recyclable plastic moving boxes can be wiped off if needed.
  • When moving into a home during the winter, it’s essential that the home be heated.  If the home has sat without heat for a long time, it’s worth a call to the utility company to ensure that the heat will be ready to go.  The last thing you want is to be in your new place, but be freezing cold!  (The same holds true for the water – pipes can freeze in the wintertime, so make sure all the drains and sinks are working before moving day arrives!)
  • Bundle up in layers on the day of the move.  Chances are good that you’ll get warmer as the day wears on and you’re going from room to room.  By wearing numerous layers, you can take off shirts and coats, and then put them back on as necessary.
  • Stay hydrated on the day of the move, even though it’s cold outside.  Most people forget to drink plenty of water when they’re moving in the winter months; however, it’s just as important to keep water in hand as it is when the thermometer rises!

By taking just a few precautions, you can make certain that your chilly moving day in January is just as successful as it would be if it were the hottest day in July!

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