How to Pack Your Car with Rental Moving Boxes for a Move

If you’re packing your car for a move, you’ll need to be a bit strategic. Whether you are shipping your larger items, or they are travelling in a truck, packing your car for a move can help you to downsize your belongings, stay organized, and enjoy a cross-country (or cross-province) road trip. It does take a bit of planning and strategy, but follow these tips and you’ll be able to pack your car carefully and have a safe and comfortable drive to your new home.

Sort Your Items Carefully

Think carefully about what items can be shipped or sent with movers, and which items should come with you in your vehicle. Take an inventory of your belongings before you start packing, and start sorting items that should be packed into your truck in your rental moving boxes. Taking time to review what you own, and sorting not only what you need to ship, what you need to pack in your car, and what you can donate, can make the process of packing much easier.

What to Pack into Your Car

But what should you pack in your car anyway? Well, consider that you’ll need a bag of essentials for the length of the journey. Make sure you pack any medication, enough clothing, and toiletries. Depending on who you are moving with, you may want to pack some pillows or blankets for naps in the car, toys to keep kids entertained, leash and treats for pets, and snacks and drinks. A first aid kit and some tools are also a good thing to put in your car so that you have them on hand right away when you arrive.

Clean Up Your Car

This may sound rudimentary, but cleaning out your car before your move can save you a lot of space and help you to make use of all the spaces under and between seats. It can also ensure that your belongings stay clean, something that will be important for anything that is not packed in rental moving boxes.

Pack Flexibly and Safely

You’ll want to find things to pack that can be tucked into smaller spaces. Soft bags or smaller boxes will fit more snugly in the car than larger boxes, and will allow you to pack more things into your car. Packing things in soft bags will also make things more comfortable for the drive, and things packed more snugly are less likely to shift around while you are driving. This also makes the drive safer. With this in mind, you’ll also want to make sure that you keep all windows clear and not block any safety features like airbags or seat belts.

Packing your car is an important part of making a long distance move. Packing your belongings into Blue Bins’ reusable moving bins is perfect for your moving van or truck, leaving you space to pack your other things into your car for a comfortable drive to your new home. Let us help you get the right moving supplies to make your long-distance move easy! Contact us today for a quote on rental moving boxes.