Keep Moving to Your Dorm Eco-friendly with Toronto Moving Box Rental

From Toronto moving box rentals to reusable packing material, go green as you move into your dorm

Whether you are moving to Toronto to start school, or heading off to school somewhere else, moving into your dorm can require more planning than you think. Especially if you are eco-conscious, you want to make sure that your move does not generate a lot of waste! In order to keep your move stress-free and eco-friendly, we’ve put together some tips below.

Get reusable moving box rentals in Toronto.

Blue Bin’s moving boxes make planning and packing so much easier. They are stackable and durable. You don’t need to worry about heavy items like books or printers falling through the bottom of a moving bin. They can also be easily snapped closed, so you can avoid late night runs to grab another roll of packing tape. When you get Toronto moving box rentals from Blue Bins, you can sleep easily knowing that you won’t be having a negative impact on the planet while using a sturdy secure option.

Use clothing instead of packing peanuts.

You can make sure that you aren’t creating waste by using Styrofoam or plastic packing material to keep things secure. Wrap computer monitors in towels or use your pillow to fill space in a box to prevent things from moving around. This will also keep the number of boxes you’re using to a minimum and give you the most effective use of space.

Make a donate pile instead of throwing out things that could still be used.

Maybe you don’t need all of your sweaters, or you’re realizing that you don’t want to move stuff that you no longer need. Instead of tossing used clothes in the trash, check to see if you can donate them somewhere. Some charities will even pick up donations from your house! You can also find places to donate books, electronics, and household items. Moving is a perfect time to reduce the amount of stuff you have, filling your boxes with only the things that you really need and love. Plus, fewer boxes means fewer trips up the stairs!

Before you donate, upcycle!

Before you donate old t-shirts, consider using them as packing material, or cut them up to make cleaning rags. While your Toronto moving box rentals will keep all of your stuff clean in transit, it can be handy to have some basic cleaning supplies on hand to wipe down desks or shelves before you put things on them. Old t-shirts are great for cleaning and dusting, saving you space and doubling as packing material.

Plan your next trip home

If you won’t need your winter coat right away, consider picking it up on your next trip home. Instead of having multiple cars drive up to move you into your dorm, which doubles the environmental impact of your drive, remember that you can likely bring a few things back with you after Thanksgiving or on a weekend that you are going home.

Moving into your dorm can come with enough stress. Keep the stress on the environment low by getting moving box rentals in Toronto, avoiding wasteful packing materials, donating, and upcycling. You’ll be saving money and investing in the planet at the same time.