Lawyers Lose Fewer Billable Hours When They Choose Plastic Moving Boxes

With plastic moving boxes, lawyers can make certain office moves don’t eat into billable hours.

Could plastic moving boxes really help law firms lose fewer billable hours during office moves?  The verdict is in, and it’s a resounding “Yes” vote.  That’s one of the reasons Toronto area attorneys and their staff members choose Blue Bins when they are relocating.

Utilizing plastic moving boxes instead of the traditional cardboard variety can actually save a tremendous amount of time, which in turn saves money.  That’s a huge advantage for lawyers who don’t want to allow precious billable hours to be needlessly lost simply because of an office move.  Plus, whenever a move goes smoothly, it lowers the overall stress levels of everyone involved in the process.

Just a few of the advantages Canadian lawyers can enjoy by renting Blue Bins moving products include:

  • Reduced need for tape or other devices to secure boxes.  It takes a long time to seal dozens of regular boxes, and those boxes must then be unsealed, too.  Blue Bins’ plastic moving boxes are designed to eliminate the need for additional tape or seals.
  • Less time spent on the actual act of moving.  Blue Bins products stack neatly atop one another.  Because they are the same size, they are often referred to as a mover’s dream.  Moving from one area to another is efficient, and that means less time is spent hauling files from Point A to Point Z.
  • Fewer “oops” moments.  A major issue with many cardboard boxes is that if they are over-packed, their rigidity and stability can fail.  Additionally, it’s not uncommon for those types of boxes to become crushed in moving vans under the weight of other boxes.  Blue Bins’ plastic moving boxes are designed to take pressure from above without collapsing.

Moving a law firm shouldn’t be an aggravation; it should be a time of celebration.  Blue Bins enables Canadian lawyers and their teams to focus on the next phase of their companies’ success, not to worry about spending money and getting what feels like little in return.

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