Blue Bins Offers Licensing Opportunities in Edmonton For Moving Boxes and Supplies

Edmonton is more than just the Gateway to the North; it’s also a city that’s rich in heritage.  Many people move to Edmonton to work in its biggest industries, including the booming oil and gas marketplaces, as well as technology, manufacturing and tourism.  In order to keep all the people and businesses that are relocating in and around Edmonton happy, it’s important to offer them the moving boxes and other supplies they need.  At Blue Bins Unlimited, this is one of the reasons we’re opening up the opportunity for licenses in the Edmonton region.

How Blue Bins Unlimited Works for Edmonton’s Residential and Commercial Moves

The Blue Bins Unlimited philosophy is that moving should be as efficient as possible.  It should also be green and easy on the environment.  Most moves are dirty jobs, and they leave behind a lot of waste in the form of moving boxes that have to be broken down and disposed of later.  This just adds to the already-growing landfills.  Blue Bins Unlimited moving boxes and other moving supplies are different.  They are plastic moving boxes that are rented specifically for a move, and then are returned to Blue Bins Unlimited afterwards.  This offers a cleaner, smoother transition for moving customers.  It also offers less harm to the earth.

Why So Many People Are Looking for Greener Moving Solutions

Make no mistake – people and companies that are moving are actively seeking greener moving solutions.  They are looking for eco-friendly moving companies in Edmonton, as well as peripheral moving items and moving boxes in Edmonton. If you want to be part of this booming business and help the community in the process, a licensing option with Blue Bins Unlimited could be a great fit!

To learn more about Blue Bins Unlimited and to discuss your ideas for an entrepreneurial venture with us in Edmonton, Alberta, please give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you!  Our goal is to make Blue Bins Unlimited a household word in all of Canada, including the beautiful, bustling city of Edmonton!