Blue Bins Offers Licensing Opportunities in Kitchener-Waterloo For Moving Boxes and Supplies

Built on a foundation of manufacturing, the Kitchener/Waterloo region is a thriving part of Ontario.  In addition to numerous manufacturers that have made this area their base of operations, other industries are heavily represented, including high finance, insurance, technology, health science and digital media.  There has also been a steady movement to revitalize the downtowns and neighbourhoods of Kitchener/Waterloo.  With so many people choosing to live and work in this location, Blue Bins Unlimited is actively looking for licensees who want to be a part of their company that rents out Kitchener/Waterloo moving boxes and peripheral moving products.  Learn more by calling Blue Bins Unlimited today and asking to speak to a representative about licensing opportunities in the Kitchener/Waterloo corridor.

Introducing Blue Bins Unlimited Moving Boxes to Kitchener/Waterloo

It’s exciting and rewarding to be able to introduce Blue Bins Unlimited eco-friendly moving boxes and related moving supplies to individuals, family groups and businesses in Kitchener/Waterloo.  Many people who are moving have no idea that there is an alternative to messy, flimsy, irregular cardboard boxes.  Blue Bins Unlimited is a revolutionary concept in the moving industry, making it possible for people to efficiently pack up their treasures and get them to their new locations.  Instead of having to hunt for Kitchener/Waterloo boxes or buy expensive ones, they can affordably rent our super-tough Blue Bins Unlimited moving boxes and bins.  Moving has never been so simple!

Bring an Eco-Conscious Moving Company to Kitchener/Waterloo

Are you tired of hearing about all the garbage that’s going into landfills across our country?  So are we!  With Blue Bins Unlimited, there’s never any moving box related waste added to trash bins after a move.  Instead, renters of our Blue Bins Unlimited products pick them up, use them and then bring them back (or arrange to have them picked up at their new homes.)  After cleaning and sanitizing the moving boxes, they’re ready for the next customer to use!

To learn more, we invite you to call us right away.  We’re very eager to hear from you and tell you about licensing options with Blue Bins Unlimited




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