Blue Bins Offers Licensing Opportunities in Regina For Moving Boxes and Supplies

There’s yet another reason to love Regina, one of the largest cities in Saskatchewan: Blue Bins Unlimited is opening up licensing opportunities in the region!  Blue Bins Unlimited has long been a leading provider of rentable moving boxes and moving supplies in the Toronto and Montreal areas.  Their brand of plastic, recyclable products are enabling individuals, families and commercial enterprises to make relocating faster, more convenient, affordable and sustainable.

People Love Moving to Regina – Now They Can Move There More Easily

People who live in Regina really do consider it a wonderful place to live.  Not only is it in a beautiful part of the country, but it offers so many amazing sites: Wascana Centre, Victoria Park, the Saskatchewan Science Centre… the list goes on and on.  Plus, Regina’s economy has taken off thanks to the natural resources in the region, as well as growth in industries like technology and manufacturing.  As a licensee of Blue Bins Unlimited, you can help bring moving and relocation solutions to those living and working in and around Regina.

The Blue Bins Unlimited Process Is a Recipe for Success

The secret to Blue Bins Unlimited’s success is in our philosophy of supporting our local communities and having a passion for our products.  Each of our Blue Bins Unlimited Regina moving boxes and moving supplies is made from tough, clean plastic.  These moving boxes can be rented for a specific amount of time by people and businesses.  After customers are finished with Blue Bins Unlimited Regina moving boxes and peripheral supplies, they simply bring them back or arrange to have them picked up for a fee.

This process has smoothed out the hectic nature of moving for customers, and allows them to focus on other aspects of relocating.  Plus, they don’t have to worry about what they need to do with their cardboard boxes after a move.  Blue Bins Unlimited is definitely the greener choice for anyone who wants to be a smart steward of our earth!

You can become part of the Blue Bins Unlimited team by partnering with us as a licensee.  Please contact us to discuss the licensing options that are available in Regina.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make moving a little easier for your neighbours!