Blue Bins Offers Licensing Opportunities in Saskatoon For Moving Boxes and Supplies

The news is out: Saskatoon is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.  This means that there’s currently an influx of people coming from all over to this thriving location.  Saskatoon is known for more than just its “Paris of the Prairies” culture.  It’s also steeped in heritage, has a number of institutes of higher education, and offers tons of sports watching and playing.  From an entrepreneurial standpoint, the timing is definitely right for Blue Bins Unlimited to bring its plastic Saskatoon moving boxes and other moving products to Saskatoon! That’s where you can come into the picture by taking advantage of our great licensing opportunities.

Blue Bins Unlimited Is Ready to Transform Relocations in Saskatoon

One of the biggest headaches for many moving companies is having to deal with so many different-sized cardboard boxes.  They’re undependable, they’re tough to stack and they can fall apart without warning.  At Blue Bins Unlimited, we offer plastic Saskatoon moving boxes that are uniform in size, making them easy for moving companies to efficiently stack, not to mention move using dollies.

For individuals, renting plastic moving boxes is a better solution, too.  They don’t have to break down any kind of cardboard afterwards, nor do they have tons of boxes littering their homes or offices.  When they are finished using Blue Bins Unlimited Saskatoon moving boxes, they just have to take them back to the Blue Bins Unlimited location, or having the Blue Bins Unlimited team pick them up.

If you want to streamline the moving process for Saskatoon moving companies, and moving families or organizations, consider partnering with Blue Bins Unlimited as a full-time licensee.  Call us today to learn how you can make history in Saskatoon by bringing Blue Bins Unlimited to the population!

Join Forces With a Greener Company

Blue is definitely the new green!  At Blue Bins Unlimited, our products not only work beautifully, but they help keep cardboard out of the landfills in and around Saskatoon.  We believe that whenever an environmentally-friendly decision can be made, we should take advantage of it.  Work with us to promote healthier moving in Saskatoon communities.  Call Blue Bins Unlimited now to talk about licensing options in Saskatoon!