Vancouver Moving Companies – Blue Bins Unlimited Licensing Opportunities Available Today!

Vancouver isn’t just one of the biggest cities in Canada… it’s also one of the most densely populated.  Since 2011, Vancouver has held the title of most densely populated city, and thanks to that, Vancouver moving companies are busy.  Blue Bins Unlimited, one of the premier suppliers of recycled moving boxes rentals, is ready to help you support your community with licensing opportunities.  Join the other Blue Bins Unlimited licensees and help Vancouver residential and commercial moves become greener!

Why Blue Bins Unlimited and Vancouver Are a Perfect Fit

Sustainability is vital to the lifeblood of Blue Bins Unlimited.  In fact, our companies was founded on the premise that moving should be more eco-friendly.  We’ve eliminated the need to toss Vancouver moving boxes into the garbage or recycling bin after a relocation.  Our plastic Vancouver boxes are just brought back to the Blue Bins Unlimited location, or can be picked up at the customers’ door after the move is complete.  It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s sustainable.

One of the goals of Vancouver is to become the world’s greenest city by the year 2020.  To that end, Vancouver has set out to double the number of green jobs and businesses, reduce the waste that’s heading to our local and national landfills, and leave less of a carbon footprint overall.  What better way to help Vancouver reach its goal than to offer Blue Bins Unlimited moving boxes and peripheral moving supplies to already eco-conscientious individuals and companies?

Become Part of the Blue Bins Unlimited Team Today

Blue Bins Unlimited is a proud Canadian business, and we’re looking forward to broadening to the Vancouver area.  If you have been looking for a company that wants to change the world one move at a time, please contact us.  Add to Vancouver’s rich heritage and legacy and join forces with Blue Bins Unlimited.  We’re eager to hear from entrepreneurs who like the idea of transforming the way people think about packing their items during a relocation.