Looking Back and Moving Forward – 2014/2015 Trends in the Toronto Moving Supplies Industry

Just as in every other industry, the moving supplies field has its annual and seasonal trends. From our perspective here at Blue Bins, 2014 ended with a bang, especially for commercial installations. From October until December 2014, it seemed as though our phones rang constantly, and our online services were kept busy, by businesses that needed boxes and more for moving.

This tremendously exciting end-of-year rush seemed to be precipitated by a few interesting factors:

  1. The real estate market was pretty robust in the GTA. Plus, it shows no signs of stopping. In fact, we’ve heard from real estate pros around the region that they’re expecting both commercial and residential real estate to go through the roof in 2015.
  2. Toronto was again sought out by small, mid-sized and large businesses looking to relocate. Is it any wonder that the city where we’re headquartered is so well-received by savvy organizations? Property is available, and the economy is doing well. Some reports have compared Toronto with New York City… guess which one is by far the better value in terms of real estate opportunities?
  3. Businesses are consolidating with each other. Mergers and acquisitions, as well as partnerships, will always form the basis of movement to new workspaces.
  4. Companies are spending some of their year-end budgets on remodeling to make their spaces cleaner, healthier, more modern and safer. During remodeling projects, Blue Bins often leases moving supplies for secure short-term storage.
  5. Toronto voted in a new mayor. There’s something about change that always seems to have an effect on real estate. In the case of the new mayoral campaign that culminated on December 1, 2014, the city appears to have become re-energized. This occurs frequently when there’s a power shift in a top government seat, and it can be very good for the moving industry.

Looking ahead, the first few months of 2015 are still busy, but we’ve been able to catch our breaths a bit. With a warehouse full of moving supplies, we’re ready to help commercial and residential customers in the GTA and beyond.

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