Looking for Bugs? You Won’t Find Them in Plastic Moving Boxes!

Listen up, Ottawa: If you’re looking for bugs to complete a science project, you won’t find them in any of Blue Bins plastic moving boxes made from recyclable materials.  That means you’ll have to look elsewhere, like traditional cardboard boxes.

Believe it or not, a lot of creepy-crawlies love to make cardboard boxes their homes, or at least a place to snack for a while.  It’s enough to make you think twice – or even three times – before ever using cardboard-based boxes for your moving day again.

What kind of bugs might you discover if you were to look closely inside your cardboard boxes?  Try these (shudder-worthy) critters on for size:

  • Bed bugs.  Yes, they enjoy sneaking a ride from place to place in dark spaces like those created by corrugated and other types of cardboard.  You won’t know they’re there, either, because they’re particularly sneaky about their presence.  (They simply aren’t very photogenic unless you bribe them out into the light.)
  • Roaches.  Oh, yes, roaches love to feast on cardboard boxes.  Where do most people get the cardboard boxes they use for moving their personal items?  You guessed it: Eateries and food-related stores.  All it takes is one cockroach to hitch and ride, and you could be forced to spend hundreds fumigating your Ottawa home.
  • Silverfish.  While silverfish won’t hurt you, they’ll definitely gross you out.  They enjoy cardboard as a tasty treat, and they are quite willing to make your new residence theirs if you inadvertently bring them through the door on moving day.
  • Termites.  Most people wouldn’t purchase a new home that was infested with termites, but some unwittingly bring termites to the house via cardboard moving boxes.  What a way to start off on the wrong foot: Termites aren’t exactly a homeowner’s best friend.

The way to eliminate the worry of making your home a harbor for new insects is to choose plastic moving boxes instead of cardboard-based ones.  While there are numerous benefits to plastic, the one that’s most pertinent to this article’s subject is that plastic can be sanitized.  It’s also not attractive to any kinds of bugs because it’s too tough for them to chew and digest.  This means they’ll go elsewhere, and your items will be kept clean and safe during transportation.

It’s really a no-brainer when you think of it.  Though bugs do serve a purpose in the circle of nature, they don’t serve a purpose on moving day!

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