Make Rental Moving Totes the First Step in Greening Your New Toronto Home!

Making your home more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly can seem like a daunting and expensive task. However, you don’t always need to jump into a massive renovation in your new home. Sometimes small changes, like using rental moving totes, can be quick, affordable, and easy to implement. As you’re planning for your new place, take a look at this list and find some ideas that might work for you!

Use reusable moving bins.

Moving can generate a lot of waste, especially from packing materials. Blue Bins can not only supply you with everything that you need for your move, but they can help you keep waste out of the equation. Our boxes are not only reusable, but the plastic keeps your belongings dry and damage-free. It’s also simple because we pick up and drop off the boxes that you need, crossing something off of your to-do list and keeping it green.

Lower your thermostat.

We know, you’ve heard this one before, but it can make a big difference. If you don’t want to invest in a programmable thermostat, consider just generally lowering the temperature or setting a reminder to lower the temperature before you head out for the day.

Seal your windows.

If you feel that cold draft around your windows in the winter, now is the time to put a bead of caulking around your window frames to make sure that you’re keeping your AC in, and the winter weather out!

Install a low flow shower head.

A low flow shower head is a change that should be an easy switch, especially if you’re moving into a place with older fixtures. New, water conserving shower heads often work better than the old standard ones, and you’re using less water. Bonus: If you’re renting, this is something that you can take with you when you leave. Just make sure to put the original shower head back on.

Switch off your gadgets and unplug chargers.

This step is free and can actually have a pretty big impact. Unplugging any electronics that aren’t in use can save a bunch of money over the course of the year. For outlets that are hard to reach, consider using a power bar with a switch that you can turn off.

Plant your lawn.

Instead of spending all summer watering your lawn and just getting grass out of the deal, consider adding more garden to your space. Some plants are more drought tolerant than others, letting you keep watering to a minimum. You can also consider adding some vegetable plants to your yard. They do require some watering, but you’ll be saving yourself a few trips to the store for veggies and you can eat really local!

Making your new home a little more environmentally friendly doesn’t have to take too much time or effort. Making a few small changes when you move in, and then continuing to make some small changes every few months can end up saving a lot of money and taking care of the planet at the same time! You can start your move off on the green foot by ordering rental moving totes from Blue Bins! Our bins are reusable, and our pick-up and drop-off service helps to lower emissions. Order online or call us today.