Make Sure You Have the Right Toronto Moving Supplies Provider for Your Pop-Up Shop

A pop-up shop can be a great way for a small business to test a new market, showcase new products, or increase revenue without the cost of a permanent storefront. According to Storefront and Shopify, temporary retail, also known as pop-up shops, are expected to generate $80 billion dollars annually. It’s also a relatively low cost option for a physical retail location. Depending on where you are setting up shop, costs can be as low as $50 a day for a booth or table. Once you’ve chosen the location for your  pop-up shop, or series of pop-up events, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right Toronto moving supplies provider and a plan!

Display Your Product, and Move It!

If you’re planning to host more than one pop-up shop, you’ll likely want to invest in some display fixtures. Something to consider when purchasing these fixtures is how easy they will be to pack, and whether you can safely transport them with product on them. For example, clothing can often be transported on hanging racks if covered with plastic to keep it clean. Smaller items like jewellery can be tacked to a display board and packed right into your moving boxes, as long as they are wrapped in bubble wrap. Being able to pack some items as they are displayed will save you time in getting things set up at your new location.

Protect Your Investment

You want to avoid as much product damage or spoilage as possible, as well as any damage to decor and tech, and to the rented space as well. When choosing moving supplies in Toronto, you’ll want to make sure that you have lots of packing paper or bubble wrap to make sure that you can keep items protected in transit. Our rental moving boxes are also a great way to keep your product safe from water and dust, as well as safe from crushing. You’ll want to make sure that if you’re using any furniture in the space that you have felt pads to prevent scratches on the floor, and a mat at the door to minimize mud or snow being tracked in. If you’re hosting your pop-up outdoors, make sure that you have some clear plastic that allows you to cover your display without making it too difficult for your customers to see what’s for sale. If you’re moving your items back and forth a few times, you can reuse packing and moving supplies as well, so you’re saving some money and the planet!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Hosting a pop-up shop involves a lot of planning. From choosing a POS system and a location, to creating a narrative in the shop and a plan for social media engagement, there is a lot to consider before you pack up to move. Make sure that you order any decor and display items to arrive before your moving boxes so that you can pack as soon as your moving supplies arrive. If you’re going to be tight on space in your shop, you can also have Blue Bins pick up your moving supplies once you’ve unpacked, and then order them to be dropped off again when you’re ready to pack up and move to storage or to your next shop. Mapping out this kind of scheduling in advance will save you a lot of work, especially as your pop-up shop is close to closing. Instead of worrying about getting moving supplies, focus on getting the most out of your last week or two and know that you’ve already planned for your move.

A pop-up shop can be an amazing way to introduce customers to a new product or brand, or bring your online store to life for your dedicated customer base. You may be working with a number of suppliers, landlords, and consultants to ensure that your pop-up shop is as successful as possible. Let Blue Bins be your one stop for all of the Toronto moving supplies that you need for your Toronto pop-up shop. From reusable moving boxes to packing materials to dollies, we can drop off everything that you need, and pick it up when you’re finished. We’re happy to help make this retail venture as successful as possible. Order your moving supplies online now or call us today!