Make Way for Montreal Holiday Guests by Pre-Ordering Moving Supplies

Montreal families know that the holidays certainly mean one thing: Guests! That’s because this time of year is when people come together, whether they are family members, friends, neighbors or colleagues. Yet many homes aren’t automatically ready to accommodate an influx of visitors without some rearranging of furniture, moving of items and putting away of unnecessary things. In terms of the third option just mentioned, pre-ordering moving supplies in which to store those things can be a lifesaver.

Why Put Away Anything During the Holidays?

It may seem kind of strange; after all, why should hosts or hostesses put anything away when they know guests are coming? However, the notion isn’t as odd as it might seem at first glance. Many people have breakable collectibles and other supplies in their homes that they hope to enjoy after the holidays. But when guests come into their houses, those guests might inadvertently break something.

Additionally, other families try to put away anything that takes up too much space. For example, they might clear off shelves of books and other paraphernalia so they can display seasonal knick-knacks, colorful dishes or holiday treasures. Besides, it just makes the house look incredibly clean, which is always a boon when picky relatives or friends are dropping in.

Can’t Non-Holiday Items Just Be Stored in Cardboard Boxes?

When most people in Montreal try to store their items to make room for their holiday visitors, they frequently try to find cardboard boxes in which to temporarily store the things. The problem with those cardboard boxes is that they are inadequate for the task. As we know, cardboard is notoriously:

  • Unsturdy – Cardboard boxes tend to “give out” from the bottom. This is because they are usually not built to hold eclectic objects as might be found in a household.
  • Filthy – Make no bones about it – cardboard, even if it looks clean, is not. Cardboard boxes attract tiny mites, as well as many other insects.
  • Non-Resistant to Moisture – Get a cardboard box wet, and it will dissolve. This means the moisture will not only ruin the box, but might ruin what’s inside it.
  • Allergy-Causing – Some individuals have topical and respiratory allergies related to cardboard.

Of course, the way to quickly resolve these issues is to ditch the cardboard and turn to plastic moving supplies, such as Blue Bins moving boxes.

The Benefits of Using Rented Moving Boxes for Short-Term Storage

Blue Bins products can be affordably rented for short-term purposes. As such, they can be used by families to help safely protect their belongings that they are going to put away during the holiday season. Plus, Blue Bins will deliver the boxes to the family’s door, and then pick them up again after the holidays, if desired.

In the end, the items that are put away will come out of their Blue Bins – and the holidays – in great shape. And the house can be placed back into “normal” order until the next time guests are scheduled to arrive en masse!

To pre-order your plastic moving supplies today, visit Blue Bins’ website or contact their experts via phone.