Making Long Distance Moves Easier for Montreal Employees – HINT: Start with the Right Moving Containers!

You’ve found the perfect employee for your Montreal based company. She’s enthusiastic, has the credentials and expertise you want, and will fit in perfectly with your corporate culture. The only problem? She and her family live across the country. Though you are willing to spend money to help them relocate, you’re not sure how to sweeten the deal or make the process a bit easier. Why not start with the right moving containers for that Montreal transfer?

Make It Convenient for a Top-Notch Candidate from Far Away to Say “Yes” to Your Job Officer

It can be a bit tricky to get a job candidate from far away to say “yes” to even a lucrative job offer when it means moving their household. That’s why you sometimes have to get creative. Below are a few of the best ways you can encourage your newly-found employee candidate to make the jump from wherever they live to the beautiful city of Montreal:

  1. Tell them you’ll pay for moving containers, then call Blue Bins. If your candidate lives in Ontario or Montreal, why not offer to pay for plastic, reusable moving containers? It’s a very affordable investment, and it’s one less thing they’ll have to worry about.
  2. Help with the cost of finding a new home.Some companies have found that after a cost-analysis, it’s cost-effective to actually offer the job candidate temporary housing that is paid for by your company. This housing can be anything from an unfurnished apartment to a furnished house. Work with a realtor to find a suitable location.
  3. Get them in touch with a local real estate professional.If your job candidate isn’t from the area, he or she is unlikely to know which real estate professional to trust. This is an opportunity for you to steer your new employee in the right direction. You may want to choose the realtor that you used for your own home purchase, or provide three or four realtors from which to pick.
  4. Add a moving bonus to their job acceptance.If the position is managerial or executive, it’s commonplace to add a moving bonus to their job offer. Make sure the bonus is reasonable and attractive for the level they represent. A VP of Marketing with 20+ years of experience isn’t going to be moved by a few hundred dollars. Consider it an investment in the future of your company.

While it can seem like this process requires more upfront planning than you originally intended, don’t worry. When done well, and offered to the right person, it will pay you dividends for years to come. You’re not just looking to put anyone into your most important company positions; when you select the best individual, you’ll be in a position to see your organization’s revenue skyrocket.

As always, when you’re ready to order moving containers for any Montreal employees’ moves, please contact the professionals at Blue Bins for immediate help!