Making Your Toronto Move with Kids Easier: Rental Moving Totes and More!

Moving is stressful for anyone, but adding in kids to the process can make it extra challenging. We want to simplify moving for everyone, and so we have prepared some tips and tricks to make moving with kids easier and maybe even fun!

Make Packing Fun!

Any kids over the age of 4 can probably help with some of the packing. Moving is a great time to choose some toys to donate. And activities like sorting toys and putting them into boxes can be a fun task for the kids! It’s also a good way to let them choose 1 or 2 toys that they want to keep unpacked until things are settled in their new home. Rental moving totes are perfect for kids to use, as it is durable. It won’t be easily damaged in the same way that cardboard boxes might be when handled by kids.

Answer Their Questions

Moving can be confusing and scary for kids, so investing some time to answer their questions and validate their concerns can make things easier in the long run. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you will miss your old home too. Consider reading some age-appropriate stories about moving to get them prepared for the move.

If the Routine is Already Changing…

You might want to consider which things that you want to keep in your routine when you can, and which things could be fun to really shake up. Maybe bedtime stories are something you keep, but you let other things get silly. Eat dessert before dinner! Go to the movies on a weeknight! Have a packing dance party! If the disrupted routine comes with playfulness and adventure, it can make that easier.

Take a Tour of the New Neighbourhood and House!

Make some time to take a tour of the new neighbourhood as a family. Look for your new favourite ice cream shop, playground, or library. Show them the path they’ll take to walk to school or wait for the bus. If there’s an opportunity to explore the new house before you move in, take it! This is a great opportunity for you to show them their new rooms and get them excited about where to set up their new space.

Make Sure You Label Boxes Together!

Even if you follow our tips for getting settled into your new home, it might take a little while to get everything sorted out. Have your kids help label which boxes should go to their room, which should go to the playroom, and do your best to keep track of which things end up in which boxes. That way when someone NEEDS a certain toy or item, you know which of your plastic moving totes to go searching through.

Moving with kids can be challenging, but if you follow these steps, and let Blue Bins take care of dropping off and picking up your rental totes, it can also be fun. Reserve your bins online today to ensure your family move goes smoothly.