Making a Toronto Move in the New Year? Resolve to Stay Organized!

Moving into a new Toronto house or apartment is a good opportunity to commit to being organized. Sometimes it’s easier to start over with everything than to focus on reorganizing your existing place. As you’re getting ready to pack all of your belongings into plastic moving boxes, take this time to make sure that you get things as organized as possible!

Invest in reusable storage for dry goods

Instead of struggling to make that different sized bag of flour fit on your pantry shelf with everything else, invest in glass or plastic containers that can be labelled and fit nicely into the space. This is especially helpful if you have visible storage in your kitchen, making it a bit more aesthetically pleasing. You can also buy these containers once you arrive at your new place, saving some space in your boxes and giving you the chance to measure your shelves or cupboards.

Opt for smaller, focused storage containers

Instead of storing all of your holiday decorations in one location, consider using smaller boxes or baskets for each holiday. Sort your kitchen gadgets and utensils into smaller organizers by function (you probably don’t need your cookie cutters as much as your cheese grater). As you are packing up for your move, try to sort items into more specific categories to make it easier to stay on top.

Go digital and recycle

Toronto homes and apartments can have limited storage space, so if you have stacks of papers lying around your home, moving is a great time to downsize to just the documents that you need. It’s also a perfect time to switch billing for your credit cards, utilities, and other services to paperless e-billing. Sort the documents and decide which can be scanned and saved on a computer, which need to be shredded, which can be recycled, and which you need to keep in original paper format before you pack them!

Sort your closet

Even tiny closets can be a dumping ground for so many items, and since you are putting all that stuff into moving boxes, it’s a perfect time to make your future closet organized. If there are things that don’t need to be in that specific closet, pack them in the box for the room that they belong in. If there are clothes or shoes in there that you won’t wear anymore, donate them. Make space for the important things and get your clutter down to a minimum.

Plastic moving boxes is a great resource to help keep your moving process organized. And while you’re figuring out your home organization strategy, let Blue Bins organize the drop off and pick up of your plastic moving boxes. Reserve your boxes online today and let us take care of the rest!