Mississauga Long Distance Moving Tips for Moving Box-Ready Residents!

For residents planning a move to Mississauga from another province (or even country), there are tons of factors to keep in mind.  One of them, of course, is how to make the move go as smoothly as possible.  That’s why we’ve developed some moving box-ready tips for individuals and families who will be making a Mississauga single family home, condo or apartment their castle.

  • Use a professional moving company.  Yes, it can be tempting to take on a “do-it-yourself” mindset when it comes to moving, but a long-distance move is best handled by the experts.  You’ll be able to find peace of mind because you’ll know that there’s much less likely to go wrong if you stick with the pros.
  • Don’t take everything you own.  This is an excellent opportunity for you and your family members to de-clutter.  Take some time and consider what you’re planning to bring.  Certainly, you should keep your memorabilia and personal items.  But do you honestly feel it’s necessary to keep the old, beat-up sofa from your university dorm room?  Make wise choices and leave some things behind.
  • Visit Mississauga, or whatever city you’re moving to.  If there’s any way you can visit the city where you’re going to be living, do it.  Bring family members with you, too.  This will make the transition a bit less emotionally difficult, especially for kids.  It’s tough to get excited about a new place if you can’t really picture what it’s going to be like to live there.
  • Invest in moving insurance.  Did you know there’s such a thing as moving insurance?  Plenty of people who are involved in a long-distance move don’t realize that they can protect their belongings through this type of insurance.  Contact your homeowner’s insurance company for more information.
  • Take your pets in your vehicle.  Unless you can’t drive your vehicle to your new home, you should always take your pets with you.  While airlines do the best they can for dogs and cats on the move, furry friends tend to take the move in stride a little bit better when they’re with their families.
  • Use plastic moving boxes instead of traditional cardboard ones.  Plastic moving boxes aren’t just better for the environment; they’re also easier to put together, pack and move.  They stack without bending, breaking or falling over.  You’ll never have to wonder if your items are safe.

Above all else, look at your move to Mississauga as the beginning of a new chapter in your life.  Explore, have fun and be prepared to love your surroundings!

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