Moving a Parent into Your Multigenerational Toronto Home

An estimated one out of every four caregivers lives with a relative that they care for. If you are thinking about moving your parent into your home, you are not alone. It’s a choice that people make for many reasons, whether it’s to take care of an ailing parent or have their parent accessible to taking care of their grandchildren. For families that plan to live in a multigenerational home, here are some things to consider. You’ll likely have to do some packing and moving preparation on both ends, even if you’re not moving out of your existing home. So get your plastic moving boxes ready and follow along with this list!

Consider Accessibility and Care First

Before you pack anything up, consider any renovations or changes that you may need to make to your home. You need to consider how the house will work for everyone, and how the needs of people might change in the near future. Installing railings and grab bars, repairing outdoor stairs, or other little tasks can be taken care of before the move. You’ll also want to consider whether there is a bedroom on the main floor in case the stairs become a problem in the future. Care and accessibility is also important for any kids in the house. Your 5 year old might not need a desk now, but in a few years, they’ll need somewhere to do their homework. Doing a review of the accessibility and care needs early on can let you know if your existing house will work for your new family dynamic, or if you need to consider moving to a new place that will address all needs.

Organize Early

Before you move everything from one house to the other, consolidate belongings. Moving furniture, dishes, or other items to the new home, only to find that you have to place it in the basement because the other house already has it, can be frustrating. You can rent plastic moving boxes earlier on to bring any donated items to a local organization. Make sure that there is clear communication between everyone packing up the items. You don’t want to donate or throw out something that has a lot of sentimental or financial value by mistake!

Consider Moving Over a Short Period of Time

There is a balance to strike between moving too quickly and too slowly. Spacing your main move over a week or two can make it more manageable for everyone involved. Schedule a day to deal with donations or trash, another day to move seasonal clothing or non-essential items that won’t be needed right away, and a final day for the last wave of items. Moving can be tiring and stressful, and spreading tasks out can help to make the move easier for everyone. Blue Bins allows you to rent plastic moving boxes for multiple weeks, giving you time to spread out the days of packing and moving instead of rushing.

Planning to move your parents into your home takes a lot of work, but we are here to make it easier where we can! Contact us about renting plastic moving bins today!