Blue Moving Tips

Blue Bins has eco-friendly, smart moving boxes AND tips!

Take the stress out of moving with Blue Bins… and take the stress off your body, mind and soul, too.

Blue Bins’ Top 7 Tips to Avoid Injury and Ensure PAINLESS Moving:

1.  Don’t try to move anything that’s too heavy for you, as doing so can be a leading cause of physical injury.  If you can’t lift it, either get someone to help or use one of Blue Bins’ wheeled dollies.  Just like our eco-friendly moving boxes, they are meant to save you time, money and effort.

2.  Pack on the lighter side.  Not every box has to be loaded to the top with your items.  This will help protect both you and the integrity of any property that could be damaged.

3.  Remember to drink plenty of fluids during moving day.  Dehydration can happen quickly; in fact, you probably won’t notice right away, but your body will already be in a state of decline by the time you start to feel thirsty.  Get a recyclable water bottle and refill it regularly.  (Try to avoid caffeine after your morning coffee or tea.  Caffeine is notorious for causing dehydration.)

4.  If you start to feel any physical discomfort during your move, stop what you’re doing and take an assessment of your body.  If your discomfort is extreme, it may be indicative of a more serious problem than a mere strained or pulled muscle.

5.  Eat a good meal the morning of your move.  Even if you’re unaccustomed to eating much for breakfast, doing so will help you stay “in the game” for a full day of physical activity.

6.  Use leverage to move items rather than using your “brawn”.  When you have to use your muscles, be careful and lift from your legs, not from your back.  (Your vertebrae and surrounding soft tissues will thank you the next morning!)

7.  Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest that you choose Blue Bins’ line of eco-friendly moving supplies for all your moving needs!  This will alleviate any mental stress you might otherwise feel about the potential environmental impact of your move.

Contact Blue Bins for information on how you can ensure pain-free moves with our earth friendly moving supplies!