Moving Your Pet to Toronto

Is a dog, cat, bunny, or hamster, part of your family? While you’re packing your moving bins to move to or around Toronto, you’ll want to plan carefully to make sure that your furry friend arrives safely and with as little stress as possible. Moving with a pet, especially over a long distance, can be less stressful if you follow some simple tips.

Contact a Vet on Both Sides of the Move

Contact your current vet before you move. If your pet is a nervous traveller, your vet might have some tips and tricks that can make it easier on both of you. You can also ensure that your pet is healthy before a trip so that there are no surprises. Make sure to get copies of your pet’s records so that you can pass them on to your new vet. Look for a new vet early in your moving process so that you can check some reviews and find someone that is a good fit. You may also want to look for some local kennels and animal hospitals so that you begin to put together a list of resources and emergency contacts for your pet in Toronto.

Pack and Unpack in Stages

Packing everything up at once can be stressful for a cat or dog who is used to a very familiar space. Consider packing up in stages so that everything doesn’t change at once. When you’re in the final stages of moving things into your moving van or truck, you’ll want to either keep your cat in a specific room, or have them stay with a friend or family member so that they aren’t alarmed by all the chaos and they don’t accidentally get out. When you arrive in your new home, consider completely unpacking one or two rooms, so that your pet can get acclimated to their new home with some familiar furniture and belongings.

Keep Calm

If your dog can tell you’ve have a bad day, he can definitely tell if you are panicked or stressed. Try to keep your emotions in check around your pet as you are packing up, and help them to get prepared for the move. If your cat is not used to spending time in a carrier, you’ll want to practice having her spend time in her carrier in the house and in the car with you there. This will help both of you get used to it.

Update Your Paperwork

Your cat or dog will need new tags and registration if you’ve moved cities. Your new vet can point you in the right direction, or you can contact 311 in Toronto to get more information.

Pack Some Toys for the Road

The majority of toys, blankets, and any other things that your pet may have at home can be packed into your moving bins. You’ll want to keep a few things aside for the drive, especially if you will be making some stops. A leash will be important so that you can safely take your furry friend out for a stroll on your journey. Blue Bins’ plastic moving bins are a good way to keep any toys clean and safe in Toronto. We suggest that you wash everything before you pack it, especially if your move will take some time.

Moving with your pet doesn’t have to be too stressful. Make sure that you get everything planned out in advance and bring the right things with you. Contact us to make sure that you have enough Toronto moving bins to carry all the chew toys, cat trees, scratching posts, blankets, and beds to ensure a happy move for your furry friend!