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Blue Bins Unlimited is Canada’s largest supplier of reusable rental plastic moving boxes, and we are ready to help you make your next move easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving one house, two houses or a corporate office; our moving supplies can be sent right to your door, and even picked up after moving day. In other words, moving has never been more convenient and cost-effective!

Choose from our favorite recycled and recyclable plastic moving boxes and moving supplies on this page, such as:

  • Our widely-recognized Blue Bins. These moving boxes lay flat when not in use, and can be placed together quickly when you need them. Wash them, wipe them and close them without any kind of adhesive. There’s no need to fuss with dirty, difficult cardboard; our plastic moving boxes are uniformly created and simple to use.
  • Plastic carpet dollies. Transfer your Blue Bins quickly from room to room, and from residence or office to moving van without worrying about hurting your back. Our dollies allow you to make every move healthier and faster!
  • Bin labels and ties. Make sure you know exactly which room you want each moving box to go by labeling them. You can also tie the tops of the plastic moving boxes down with our special ties.
  • Bubble wrap. Have valuables that could break in transit? Bubble wrap takes the worry out of problems related to broken mirrors, glass or treasures. We offer bubble wrap that can be delivered with your moving supplies.

It’s as easy as possible!

How to Order Your Blue Bins Moving Supplies

To order your moving supplies from Blue Bins, simply go online and choose the right items for your needs. If you require any assistance, our friendly customer service representatives are available to give you advice.

Blue Bins: You order, we deliver; you move, we pick up. We save you time, money and hassle.

Order your plastic moving boxes and other products today with our secure and easy to use online system!

Please note these rates are for Ontario only. Please call 1-888-502-2467 about rates for all other locations.

Bedroom Bins/Dollies 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
1 30 bins 1 plastic dollie $205.00 $250.00 $295.00 $340.00
2 40 bins 1 plastic dollie $220.00 $280.00 $340.00 $400.00
3 50 bins 1 plastic dollie $235.00 $310.00 $385.00 $460.00
4 70 bins 1 plastic dollie $265.00 $370.00 $475.00 $580.00
5 100 bins 1 plastic dollie $310.00 $460.00 $610.00 $760.00

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