Order Your Moving Boxes and These Other Business Must-Haves Online

There are some things that you definitely want to see in person before you make an investment. For example, you probably checked out the space for your business in person before you committed to setting up shop. On the flip side, there are some items that you can simply order online, and save time and money on. You can feel a peace of mind in knowing we offer easy to order online moving boxes that are guaranteed quality and eco-friendly. But did you know these other things can also be easily ordered online for your business?

Point of Sale Card Reader

If your business will be handling in person transactions, you’ll probably need some kind of card reader. Depending on your system, you might need to order a specific brand, but companies like Square and Shopify make it easy to order the card reader that you’ll need online so you can focus on making sales.

Business Cards

Whether you want simple business cards or custom die-cut cards, you can definitely get them online. Most sites will allow you design your own, and allow you to use pre-made templates if design isn’t your strong suit. You’ll be ready to network in no time!

Shipping Materials

Whether you need padded envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap, or address labels, most office supply stores and shipping companies offer these supplies in bulk, and as long as you know the size that you need, there’s no need to pick them up in person.

Small Tech Supplies

You might want to see a computer or tablet before you buy it, but if your team needs external hard drives, wireless keyboards, additional monitors, or other small tech supplies, these can be easily ordered online. It also makes it easy for you to assess needs for your team; just send them the links to the approved options and then add up the number of requests once they are submitted.

Moving offices or setting up a new business can mean a lot of running around, so save yourself and your team a few trips to the store. Look for items that you can order online and get things checked off your list quickly! We can help make sure that you have the moving supplies that you need, without you needing to leave your desk. Order moving boxes online or call us today and we’ll be happy to help!