Ottawa Residents – Get Help Choosing the Perfect Number of Boxes for Moving

Have you ever had the experience of packing to relocate to a new Ottawa home, only to discover in horror that you don’t have the right number of boxes for moving? It’s a frustrating realization, and one that often sends many homeowners to make bad choices, including:

  • Rushing out to pay too much for overpriced cardboard boxes at the store. The homeowners know they are being overcharged for far too little, but they’re frantic to finish packing.
  • Stuffing their belongings into the boxes for moving they already have. This just leads to overcrowding, and that’s a recipe for disaster. Books crush dishes, kids’ toys get ruined and wedding china becomes cracked.
  • Trying to use non-box items around the house to transport their goods. This can be anything from pillowcases to empty appliances to dresser drawers. While creativity can be a great skill, not everything can or should be turned into a moving box!

The answer is clear: Get help choosing the right number of boxes for your move.

How a Professional Moving Supplies Company Such as Blue Bins Can Assist You

At Blue Bins, we train all our employees to be able to give exceptional advice when it comes to picking the right number of moving boxes. We can help you, too. In general, you’ll be asked to contribute the following facts to assist in figuring out how many of our plastic bins you’ll require:

  • How many rooms you have in your current house.
  • How big (approximately) each of the rooms are.
  • The typical types of items you’ll be packing.
  • Your budget for your moving boxes.
  • Where you’re going to be moving and whether you’d like us to drop off and/or pick up your boxes for convenience. (For instance, if you’re moving along the 401 corridor, we can offer one-way drop-off or pick-up.)

Make sure that you don’t have an “uh-oh” moment the next time you’re getting your belongings ready for the big move. Give Blue Bins a call, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

You’ll love your moving experience with Blue Bins, and always have the right size and number of boxes for moving!