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Reusable Moving Boxes in Vancouver

At Blue Bins, we pride ourselves on providing the moving supplies and reusable storage boxes that Vancouver-area business need, whenever they happen to need them. For your convenience, we have a centrally located pickup and drop-off location in the Annacis Island industrial park.

Our products—and our entire business model—are all geared towards saving you, your business, and your employees precious time, space, and money.


 Product  Details
Moving Bins Vancouver Bins: These bins are large (24”x20”x12” & 2.4 cubic ft.), making it easier to pack more items. Lids are attached and closed flat for easier stacking. Made of durable recycled plastic, they keep their shapes. Even if you spill liquid on our moving containers or move during a rainstorm, they will keep your items dry and never lose their ability to transport your belongings.
Terminal Carts Vancouver Terminal carts: 57”h by 48”w with a depth of 24” and have moveable shelves to handle variety of office items. Casters are industrial grade, non-marking, and able to support 1,000 pounds in total.
Utility Carts Vancouver Utility carts: Have a moveable shelf for greater flexibility to stack items. They are 44”h by 48”w with a depth of 24”. Casters are industrial grade, non-marking and able to support 1,000 pounds in total.
Screen Furniture Dollies Vancouver  Screen dollies: Equipped with removable railings for flexibility. The dimensions are 48”h by 36”w with a depth of 24”.Furniture dollies: Come with straps and heavy-duty carpet and are 30” by 20”.
File Carts Vancouver File Carts:Double Sides w/10 shelves. 56’’h with a depth of 24’’. Designed for easy movement and convenient storage.
Plastic Dollie Vancouver Plastic Dolly:Plastic Dolly for 24’’l x 20’’w. Attached lid container. Heavy duty, crack proof, polyethylene.


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