How Physics Plays a Role in Your Moving Box Rental Experience

Even if physics wasn’t one of your favorite subjects in school, you have to admit that the basic laws of nature govern our lives.What goes up, must come down.An object in motion tends to stay in motion.And we can only realistically lift so much before gravity causes issues.It’s that last reality you need to keep in mind when you place a moving box rental.

The problem lies with human psychology.We think we can outwit physical, natural laws with our brains and brawn.That’s why we make avoidable errors, including:

  • Overpacking moving boxes.Yes, plastic rental moving boxes and bins are meant to carry more weight than their cardboard counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you should turn them into boulders.Not only does that stress your body when you have to lift, stack and move them, but it puts the contents at risk.Why lose some of your treasures just to avoid renting additional moving boxes?
  • Not using dollies.Some people think that they’ll get a good workout on Moving Day if they just avoid using a dolly.This sets them up for a nice trip to the emergency physician the day after.Dollies are your friend when it comes to the moving process.They allow you to transport several plastic moving bins at one time.Your back, hips, neck and knees will thank you if you rent dollies with your moving boxes.
  • Trying to force a moving box to shut.Did you put too many items into your plastic moving box?Are they practically overflowing from the top?This is a sign that you need another moving box, not that you should keep pushing everything down and forcing the top to shut.Plastic moving bins should close without any problem.If they don’t, it’s time to remove or readjust the contents.

Instead of working against physics, why not put physics to work for you?For instance, even if you feel overwhelmed, start packing one box.One box using leads to two, which leads to three…Before you know it, you have a room completely packed!The trick is just to get started and not be “an object at rest”, which “will stay at rest”.

Additionally, make use of any implements like dollies, straps, and ramps that can make gravity’s forces less powerful.Even if you can just take a few pounds off the load, it will have a positive effect.And that’s great news.

But the greatest news of all?There won’t be a test on this information!It’s just here to help you the next time you have to relocate.

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