Planning Your Toronto Office Move? You’ll Need the Right Moving Supplies!

If you’re moving your office in 2018, you’ll want to make sure you have the right moving supplies to make it as easy as possible for your movers and for your staff! Having the right things on hand can also save you a lot in cost and time.

Packing Materials

Packing your office supplies properly can ensure that there is no damage and it saves you time in unpacking your new office. You’ll want to have bubble wrap for fragile items that will be shipped in boxes to prevent breakage. For furniture, you may want to invest in plastic wrap to prevent scratches or dents. As you’re packing up your office, make sure you have plenty of labels to make sure that everyone ends up with the right desk, chair, and boxes on the other side of the move.

Materials for Moving Out

Even if you hire movers to support your office move, there will be some moving supplies that you don’t want shipped or sent to storage. Invest in a dolly or small cart that can be used to help employees move any boxes of their personal items safely out of the building to their cars. Depending on the type of floors in your current office, you’ll want to cover the floors with sheeting or drop cloths to prevent scratches or other damage as you move out. Even if you have most of your data stored digitally, a move is a good time to back up your files from employee computers or other sources, which may require the purchase of additional hard drives or cloud storage.

Materials for Moving In

Moving into your new office, you’ll need similar moving supplies to those listed above, and a few extras. You’ll want to have signs or lists to ensure that boxes and furniture ends up in the right place. It may be helpful to have some of your team members on site to help direct movers, and confirm that all equipment and furniture ends up in the right place. This way, you don’t have to go searching for things after your movers leave. Have some dusting cloths or other light cleaning supplies on hand so that employees can wipe off furniture as needed. This will make your employees feel more comfortable in their new space.

Having just a few simple moving supplies on hand can make your commercial move much easier. Blue Bins offers dollies, bubble wrap, labels, dollies, and more to make your move as easy as possible. Contact us today to reserve your boxes for your 2018 office move.